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Developing a custom piece is a process requiring utmost trust in expertise, craftsmanship, and creativity. Our clients work directly with JK Jewelry founder and designer Julia Kor and each piece is developed by her team of dedicated specialists who help guarantee a singular level of personalized attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship.


We begin with gaining a clear idea of what each client is drawn to, and from there we develop sketches and a detailed proposal for each client. Through the proposal clients will gain a very clear vision of what their final piece will look like. If you are local to Tel Aviv, or will be visiting the area, you can inquire using the form below for an in-person consultation at our design studio. All of our bespoke pieces will require a deposit, to be determined with Julia, before we begin working together on your piece. This deposit will go towards the final cost of your custom piece. All custom work takes approximately 2-6 weeks from the time the final design is agreed upon.

Juliette Kor high jewelry.JPG
Juliette Kor jewelry.JPG


Once the design is complete, we’ll begin to create your piece into a 3-dimensional CAD-design, then print it in a wax form to be prepared for casting. Once your piece design is printed in wax, we can begin the casting process.


When the piece is cast in gold our master craftsmen do their magic and make sure that every detail is perfect. Once that’s done, it’s given to a stone setter who places all of the diamonds and (or) gemstones into your design by hand. For all of the custom pieces we determine the best stones. We carefully choose and handpick each diamond and (or) gemstone. Diamonds of 0.50 carat and bigger will always come with the GIA certificate. 

Setting is an incredibly precise art because each individual stone has a specific slot that it fits into. 

Now that your piece is complete, we do one last pass with our polishing equipment. Our expert artisans inspect every millimeter and every stone on your piece, and once we’re absolutely sure that it’s exactly perfect, we’re proud to pass your one of a kind piece on to you. 


Available for in-person consultations in Tel Aviv. To arrange an appointment please fill out the form

For more information on our custom process, please fill out the form or email

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