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Jewelry can be modern yet classic.

It can be personal yet desirable by all.

It is tailored and refined to the last inch.
Juliette Kor creates feelings first, feelings over objects.

Julia Kor jewelry designer.JPG

Welcome to JK universe:

Fine jewelry that complements every side of your personality. Created by Julia Kor, Tel Aviv based designer, the collection embraces color and shapes of exceptional diamonds and precious gemstones. 

Born from a desire to create standing out designs for Israeli market that was saturated with similar products, JK Jewelry is all about aesthetics of a modern person. We predict the tendencies and desires, and then craft them into marvelous pieces. Needless to say that we never compromise on quality of craftsmanship and materials. 

What our clients love about JK Jewelry is the personal aesthetics that Julia brings into it, her love of fashion and art that she translates into her creations and their presentation.

Jewelry styling is not less important than jewelry itself, that's why all the JK pieces are designed to be combined and layered. 

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